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3D Printing's Imminent

Impact on Manufacturing

Get your hands on one of the most comprehensive surveys of professional 3D printing users! Respondents weigh in on where 3D printing for product development is today and where it’s headed next, such as:

  • Will they invest in in-house capabilities, will they outsource, and why?
  • What needs to happen for 3D printing of end-production parts to become a large-scale reality?
  • What materials are of greatest interest?

If your company is a committed user of 3D printing, these findings will provide assurance that you are headed down a similar path of your peers and face many of the same challenges to adoption. If you’re still dipping your toe in the water, the results may serve as a wake-up call to take swifter action. Using 3D printing to manufacture products may just be emerging as a competitive advantage today, but companies that don’t initiate investment soon will quickly be at a considerable disadvantage.

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